My Last Junior-Senior Prom

My last JS prom didn't turn out like what I expected, but it was (sort of) great. I had fun talking to my prom partner. There were lights, fancy dresses, expensive suits, and a lot of class was in the air.

My Last Junior-Senior Prom

My last JS prom didn't turn out like what I expected, but it was (sort of) great. I had fun talking to my prom partner. There were lights, fancy dresses, expensive suits, and a lot of class was in the air. You could just feel the magnitude of shock, followed by awe, in the air as your fellow schoolmates are in their best outfit, wearing whatever expensive they can find, and looking like a million dollars.

And to make up for the delayed schedule of the release of new posts, I will attach a lot of pictures from the JS prom in this post :)

Anyway, once I entered the ballroom, everything looked fancy and expensive as hell. Even our prom invitations looked expensive (although I don't agree much with the design), it even had a grape-like scent, and it still does up until now.

I personally don't want to show you people my prom partner, but because that was my last prom, I guess I'll her picture then.

Yep, my prom partner is very pretty :)

So, yeah, that was last prom partner, Tiffany. She was nice, pleasant, and fun to be with. We made the time pass by watching this Pewdiepie video (she knows Pewds because she's a gamer as well) although we didn't finish watching the said video. Maybe I'll buy the game on Steam and download it in order to commemorate the prom, ha. On second thought, I think I should buy it. It's settled, I'll buy this game (once I have the money to) in order to commemorate my last prom.

About the hotel, it was the same hotel that last year's prom was hosted, although some of the things sure have changed. For one, and this is the worst change they have made, they removed their free Wi-Fi service. You see, last year the hotel had a free Wi-Fi connection, that's why I was able to post LK's picture to Facebook. Now, they have removed the free Wi-Fi service and they replaced it with a "paid-only" service that requires you to pay up in order to have access to this sort of "conference code" or whatever. Thank God my classmate brought his/her own Wi-Fi connection (which I hacked) and I was able to browse Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Aside from that, I have no other complaints. The venue even looked better than before, and the sound system was sick, also the lights were seizure-inducing.

After a "batch prophecy" (or whatever it was called) that was given by our Student Council president. We all saw and heard our future ambitions on this big white screen. Most of the pictures that were used for the batch prophecy were the creative shots of my classmates that are going to be used in the yearbook. I didn't have a creative shot (because I didn't purchase the yearbook, also because I'm poor). So we settled in for a picture in my horrid-looking school uniform (trust me, I looked like complete trash and I wasn't at all ready for my picture to be taken. I'm also not photogenic). I remember we ate dinner afterwards.

For the batch prophecy, the Student Council made a PowerPoint presentation highlighting our future jobs along with our pictures.

About the food, it was awesome, even better than last year. First, they served bread (same as last year) but it tasted somewhat better, and even the freaking butter looked expensive albeit a little small. Regardless, the bread was awesome, and to be honest, I wanted more. I believe they used the same brand of butter as last time, as they both tasted the same. I mean, obviously they would taste the same, butter is still butter.

Small and fancy butter is small and fancy.

Afterwards, we had some sort of soup, I forgot what it tasted like and what it was made of, but I remember I put salt and pepper on it, and I didn't finish it. I don't have a picture of the soup, but I didn't mind it much because I was busy going out to the bathroom rather than finishing my soup.

After that, we had the main course, it was chicken breast with asparagus, broccoli, and baby corn (if I remember correctly). I didn't fully finish the chicken because I was busy talking to my prom partner and with my other tablemates.

After the main course, we had dessert.I forgot what the dish is called, but it had vanilla ice cream, mangoes, and the red "stain" you see in the back is made of raspberries.

Shortly after the waiters took our plates, someone came up on stage and said, "Please welcome the cotillion." Man, was the song for the cotillion dance great. It was He Is We and Owl City's "All About Us" and I have to say, they couldn't have picked for a better cotillion dance song. It was almost like my main theme song for last year's prom, "Enchanted" by Taylor Swift and Owl City. The song, All About Us, really captured the night perfectly, it's just sad that they didn't play it while we were slow dancing. Although the song was great, I had no one to dedicate it to anyway, as I wasn't romantically in love with anyone during the prom (even until now).

I'll end this post by sharing with all of you the pictures I took of the said event, my last JS prom, see you all soon!

Ahh my Windows Phone, my Nokia Lumia 900. It's old, a little outdated, but still works perfectly. It's been with me last prom, and on my last prom, it's still with me.