The Rainy Season

The Rainy Season

As of writing this, it is now the 10th of July, 2016, and we're well on our way onto the start of the rainy season (or "monsoon season," as I like to call it). There's not much to this season in particular, other than the occasionally very rainy days and class suspensions (yay!). Being a person who's fond of the cold weather, the rainy season is my personal favorite of all the seasons; however, you do have to take into account that I live in a country near the equator, so we are only limited to two seasons: rainy or sunny. The rainy season occurs every single year and, ever since I've taken it into account, it's not quite the same as last years.

The rains have started pouring around a week or so ago and, my God, they have been some of the most unpredictable downpours I've ever seen. Often times, I leave the house and see a bright, considerably clear sky until I get to my college and then a massive downpour of rain starts. It's sad that I often find myself at the mercy of whatever weather is out there because I commute from home to school, so a nasty weather can sometimes influence me into not going outside at all.

Still, the harsh rains alone can't make up for the reasons as to why this year's monsoon is distinct to me. I don't really know why, but I've noticed that life around me has gotten a bit colder and uneventful. Ever since I've built up walls after that event, I found life to be quite dull and uneventful. I tried ways of finding new hobbies and other sorts, but nothing really stuck to me. Aside from that, I've recently checked and found out that I'm not in love with anyone, nor am infatuated towards anyone—not even attracted towards anyone, for that matter. While it's a great deterrent against those people who still throw jokes about my old crush, not having a crush has its own downsides along with some positives.

I can't really pinpoint out what makes this season boring, but I guess it's because I'm lacking of any inspiration. I've tried looking into many reasons to serve as a viable form of inspiration, but none of them seemed to last long. So, for the past few weeks or so, I've been blazing through life with a "meh" attitude towards everything, and I hate it.

Other than that, one thing I can really notice is the fact that I'm starting to long for human interaction—one that is not on Facebook. I've fancied the life of having everyone you know a single tap/click away, but I've slowly resented the idea after years of using it. I found myself longing to talk, one-on-one, in person with a friend of mine and it's really hard to do that these days. What's a little frustrating is that, sometimes, when you're out with a friend or a person you want to get to know, you can't avoid that person looking at their phones, or something, and it really kills the experience.

But I digress, this season is particularly different from the others solely because, well, things have gotten colder—literally and figuratively. The winds seem to be blowing into a different direction, one that seems to be pointing back to the past and I can't stop looking at the things that once used to be. I have a feeling that this season is trying to bring me back to the days of yesteryear, to a time when I looked at the raindrops out my window and got a feeling of relief. Maybe, just maybe, I might find something special amidst all of these downpours. Whatever the case may be, this monsoon season is starting out badly.