The Regional Contest

To be honest, I've made it to the regional competition :)

The Regional Contest

To be honest, I've made it to the regional competition :)

So yesterday, November 8, the school paper adviser, +Glacier James, 7 of my fellow staff members of the school paper, and I went to this school. I won't tell you the school since it'll give away my location, but it was nearby my school. Well, maybe not, oh I don't know.

Anyways, once we got there, there was this band playing, which I guess is a sign of them welcome us, all of us who will be participating, to this regional event. Whew, there were A LOT of students there, all participants from different places representing their schools.

So we all went to this covered court, which was in the middle of the school, and waited for the opening ceremony.

After a few inspirational words for motivation, we were all escorted to our own designated buildings. From there on, we had a lecture.

Now, since we were a lot, we all had a lecture inside the school corridor. And, by the way, there was a lot of people. I mean, the corridor was packed with students. There was a sea of people behind me, it extended until, oh say, 30 feet.

As you can see from the picture above, that's how the lecture went. Us, the student/participants, sitting on the floor of a corridor listening to the lecture, and the lecture was funny. It taught me some stuff, a lot, really. Since I was in the Science and Health Writing category, we were all taught on how to make science straight news, science features, and in-depth news.

Shortly after that, we were all escorted to our rooms—I was assigned to room 226—and we were all given a 5-page story about Ebola. They gave us the "contest paper" and I had a few sheets of lengthwise pad paper and we all started reading.

It was hard, and grueling. Since there were a lot of complicated terms, I tried to remove them all since the lecture told us to "avoid scientific jargon" and I summarized most of it. I wrote on my pad paper, although I lost the pad paper and there goes my idea for summarizing a story.

Personally, that was the best Saturday of my life (so far, that is) and it had a lot of stuff mixed in one day. I've made new friends, met new people, had a crush, joined in a regional contest, seen a lot of people in a long time, had fun, ate a lot of food, learned a lot from a lecture, been to a new place, seen a big school, learned how to summarize and write science articles, and a lot of stuff. That day had action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, horror, drama, mystery.

I guess that wraps up this post. Hopefully I got into the nationals!~Bye~