Starry Road

As I was walking, I constantly looked at the starry night sky, amazed at the number of stars above me. There was not much, but I saw few, and that's good enough for me.

Starry Road
Photo by Mindaugas Vitkus / Unsplash

Hi there! I just came from a walk a few minutes ago and I just want to share this. After all, it is in my schedule to post every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Anyway, I was assigned to get a haircut today, because the people checked for people with "hair that did not follow the recommended haircut for all male students" so I went outside to the local barber shop. I was thinking about (and still currently thinking about) what had happened earlier. Now, it might sound weird of me to say this, but I will not share it with you all right now—or ever, for that matter.

I do not know why, but it is just too personal and it does not seem to comply with the "blogging standards" I have in 2015. This must be a first time for you all because, you know me, almost every time something big happens to my life, I quickly share it to you all on my blog. I am sure that, this 2015, things will change and I will discuss more on that topic later on.

So, the barber shop in our place is quite far from where I live in. Since it was probably going to take me 15 minutes for me to get there and I decided to use that time as unconsciously chosen "me time" until I get to my destination and back. As I was walking, I reflected on my past decisions, the things I have done, and the thing that happened earlier. Frankly, I was amazed to just walk and look up at the stars and an answer would immediately pop up in my head. It is hard—or even impossible—to focus inside my room. Aside from the fan in fan in my laptop constantly making noise and sounding like an airplane taking off, there are also noises and other sounds coming from the background (e.g. the other people I live with, talking, the electric fan, static from the TV, and so on) so it is really hard for me to concentrate in my room. There was also an equal/greater amount of background noise as I went to the barber shop, but I didn't think I could hear much. I mostly heard my footsteps and my voice.

As I was walking, I constantly looked at the starry night sky, amazed at the number of stars above me. There was not much, but I saw few, and that's good enough for me. I constantly looked at Orion's Belt, a constellation that looked like the Big Dipper, and the star that shined the brightest of them all; it could be Sirius, or Betelgeuse, I do not really know.

For some odd reason, I felt comfort. Sure, there was a chance of me getting mugged or beaten up, but I felt safe—by myself, away from the usual electronic disturbances I currently have. I felt better as I tried to recuperate from what had happened earlier. I do not know why, but I thought to myself, "The girl that we have been looking for, this 'perfect girlfriend' of ours, might be looking at the same patch of night sky, just like us," and it really got me thinking. "What if she really is looking at the same constellation, or the same star? Or maybe she is looking at a cluster of stars that we cannot see? People are like the stars we see in this night sky—they are not all here and we are not only limited to looking at what we can see. The point is: there are more stars out there, we just got to look for them; same with people, there are a lot of good people out there, we are not just looking hard enough."

As I get to the barber shop, I saw that the doors were closed and the lights were turned off, so they must be closed and I am probably going to get scolded tomorrow. Then I thought of just not attending classes tomorrow. My brain immediately said, "Geez, it is already 2015. Grow up and face the music, will ya? Face your fears, not run from them. Admit that it was your fault and do not be absent tomorrow." I quickly pondered a bit and I realized that my brain was right. I should not be absent tomorrow and if I get in trouble, I will just have to tell the truth—except for this whole story about my trip to the barber shop and other things I realized during my trip.

I walked home feeling a little disappointed because the barber shop was closed, but I did not think about it too much and I focused on another problem that needed to be solved. I got home feeling better and with answers to—some, but not all—my problems. I guess focusing on a problem alone really does work, go figure.