Photo by Nick Morrison / Unsplash

Holy snot, the best thing just happened to me today! xD

I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys, but I've competed in a competition earlier. Yes, you heard (well, read) that right, Dartegnian Velarde finally joined in a contest (:

I was selected to be a writer for the Science and Health category (which I know NOTHING about) by my awesome adviser, sir +Glacier James. I was told to prepare for a feature writing contest and I was told to pick a topic that's relevant, so I picked Mr. Ebola.

I spent, like, 5 hours or so studying about Ebola. Who got it first, what happened to the patients infected, when did it start spreading, where is Ebola commonly found, and why is Ebola here. So I pulled an all-nighter and I only slept for 2 hours (which is really NOT RECOMMENDED before entering a contest) and prepared myself.

So I went to my school and we got in the van and headed to the school where the event was held. When we got there, my first reaction was, "Holy snot! ERGHMAGERD there are many people here! This place is huge! Dang, it's so hot here."

It was a really eye-opening experience for me because I wasn't used to seeing so many strangers in one area (aside from seeing strangers in public places like malls, parks, etc.) and to me it was a very shocking, yet awesome, experience.

They gave an introductory speech and then I headed to the room where the "elimination" for my category was being held. Man, was the room somewhat awesome. I sat next to the air conditioning system (I got that trait from the Ice Princess, Jessica) and then they gave us a small seminar first.

I got a few notes and then the contest began. They suddenly told us that the topic was about head lice in public school children. I was like, "WHAT?! HEAD LICE?! DANG, I SPENT 5 HOURS OF MY LIFE FOR NOTHING! Ahhhh, we're so doomed. We didn't expect this one."

It was hard, really. Since I wasn't able to use any gadget and because the topic was about head lice - a topic that I know nothing about - I was somewhat doomed because I heavily rely on autocorrect (yes, I do heavily depend on autocorrect, and Bing for definitions). I saw some of the participants finishing up and leaving and I kind of got scared because I thought I was going to be the last one. In a rush, I immediately finished the draft and then I finished my work.

Because of that, I accidentally misspelled "transferred" to "transfered" and I decapitalized the H in "Have". I am so sorry for that, sir James and fellow members, I was really in a rush.

Since we all finished early, we got to eat some McDonald's that was delivered to us and then we just loitered around this big school. We got to see some new stuff and I saw a lot of stuff. It was awesome, really.

Then the awarding ceremony starts. Sadly, I got 10th place. 10th place is like a nice term for "9th loser".

Dang it! But still, I qualified for the regional finals qualifying round :D

The contest is expected to be on September 20th or on the 21st. Until then, I'll keep reviewing and improving stupid basic sentence construction. I'll also try to not rely on Bing and much xD

Despite what happened to me this week, today was a really great day. Our school won a 1st runner up position and we all went home with smiles. Sure, there were some of us who were disappointed, including me for my utter stupidity, but we all went home happy and satisfied with what we got, and learned, from the competition.

Until next time! I'll mark my calendar for September the 3rd!